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College students face tremendous struggles in today’s world, stresses from within the campus life and beyond. It is imperative for a student success to have strategies for moving through challenge and to create systems for them to achieve greatness.

Being born with a rare form of dwarfism that has challenged me daily with body aches and restricted movement could have relegated my life to a bitter mediocrity. But my mind was much more powerful than my body and my dreams so much bigger than my stature. I simply could never have surrendered to the limitations that my body presented to me. I needed to live successfully in a world that was not accepting or accommodating to someone of my size, and it was going to take some innovation. I had to level the playing field and learn how to not just overcome challenge but to embrace it and use it as a motivator in building resilience and tenacity to achieve my goals.

It would be my honor to share my story with your students and faculty and provide them with the lessons I have learned and the strategies that I have created to help them achieve meaningful success. It is my desire to inspire them and engage their minds so they think beyond their struggles or limitations.

Special Appearance Package:

  • VIP intimate Meet & Greet with Matt Roloff for up to 50 people.
  • Matt will make himself available for Media & Local interviews prior to your event for promotional purposes.
  • 5 Complimentary autographed ”Against Tall Odds” books by Matt Roloff.