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Unforgettable Stories

It was an incredible experience, and one I will never forget because of Matt’s generosity, his humor, his insight…the students appreciated his moving words and unforgettable story. We appreciate him taking time to inspire us

Stephen, Director of Campus Events
Radford University

Motivational Message

Our Young Farmers & Ranchers Leadership Conference was a great success. With more than 750 attendees from 44 states, our members were inspired and we appreciate the knowledge, skill and motivational message that you provided to our members.

Daniel J. Durheim
American Farm Bureau Federation


It was an honor to have you join us and share your inspirational message with guests of the Kansas State Fair. We have had tremendous feedback and response to your visit. Your willingness to tour the grounds, sign autographs, and visit with guests was refreshing and appreciated by many. If your travels ever bring you back to the Midwest, don’t hesitate to stop in for a visit.

Denny Stoecklem
General Mgr

Thrilling Presentation

The funeral directors in Florida are just abuzz, still talking about you being with us at our conference! Simply stated, you thrilled our members with both your keynote presentation and your marketing session.
You are an amazingly driven person, and hearing your talk about the challenges in your life that you have far and away overcome, was just the kind of motivation that I was hoping for in the keynote. And I expect that we will see some forward-thinking funeral director grasp onto your idea for web marketing you talked about during your second session.
I hope you enjoyed your time with us, and your visit to our trade show. My husband, Gary, really enjoyed taking you through there. As I mentioned to you on the phone, he, too, is a “Type A” personality, which I am sure you could tell. The two of you might be dangerous together!
To sum it up, I feel like we have raised the bar with you being our keynote presenter this year, and now I don’t know how we can possibly follow up with anyone as interesting! You were just perfect for our group, as our independently-owned funeral homes are the “Davids” in a Goliath world of publicly-owned funeral home conglomerates. Thank you for being a big part of the success of our annual conference.

Jan Scheff
Executive Director, Independent Funural Directors

An Absolute Pleasure

I recommend Matt Roloff as an inspirational speaker. I had the pleasure of working with Matt at the San Diego County Fair. Attendance was 1,265,995 and the fair is recognized as one of the top fairs in the world. Matt was a HUGE hit. He is an inspiring, practical and heartwarming individual and the traits are clearly conveyed in his speech. The crowds hung onto every word and many said the speech was the highlight of the fair.

Chana Mannen
Special Projects Manager

Contagious Enthusiasm!

Our members greatly enjoyed your insights, humor and positive outlook… the combination of your presentation in the general session and the meet-and-greet session afterwards was very effective in allowing our members to fully enjoy your message and contagious enthusiasm.

Gary Joiner

An Inspiration

I greatly enjoyed your presentation. Not only did you help educate me about little people, but also about myself. You are both a great inspiration.

David Studzinski
Kentucky Fried Chicken Association

We’re still talking…

It was a pleasure to meet you at our Diversity Symposium. Your presentation is still being talked about and generating excitement!

Andera Guncsik
Toledo Area Human Resource Association